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Study to Look into Source of Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria Infection

Study to Look into Source of Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria Infection

Antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections are on rise and in order to know more about the same, three Dutch medical schools have started a new research. They have been asking a number of travelers to tropical countries to provide them with stool samples as they return from their trips.

The study has been carried out by the Academic (AMC), Maastricht medical and Erasmus centers. The study researchers have enrolled 2,000 travelers. Study researchers affirmed that they have been focusing on those travelers, who would be travelling to Asia and Africa.

Researcher Jarne van Hattem said, "These travelers will be asked, upon vaccination by a number of travel clinics, if they would like to participate and send stools to us for a year".

The Netherlands has been witnessing a number of incidents of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections and that too among non-travelling groups. The research will help study researchers know that whether the infection is being passed on by travelers, who go to exotic locations.

The study will help them to come up with measures, which can be adopted to control these infections. Van Hattem said as per his knowledge, this study is one of the largest studies being carried out in Sweden and Australia.

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